Achievements: Why I Love & Hate Them

So I love achievements in games and I think they add a real incentive to replay games that you have beat, however I absolutely hate two things about them. Please keep in mind that this is my new account so don't judge me because I don't have many right now. It is my hope that by bringing this up, someone will actually read it that can make a difference in future games. These two points may have been brought up many times before, I don't know as I don't frequent forums very often. I'm also aware this is going to sound stupid to some people, but it is a big deal to me.


1) I hate when games include online achievements:


Okay so I don't play online (not because I don't want to, I just can't), and you might be asking yourself then why does it matter if a game includes online achievements. The reason it matters to me is because I like to try and complete every game I buy, and I can't do that when I game includes them. I also like to show them off to friends and that personal feeling of accomplishment you get by getting them all. It also makes me mad when I primarily single player franchise adds online play and now I can't get the achievements to complete it with the rest of the games I have completed in that franchise (I'm looking at you Assassins Creed Brotherhood).


There is no reason that developers cant add in-game online achievements or in-game online rewards for players who want that sort of thing. However I seen another thread posted about "boosting" and that comes from a direct result of online achievements and in-game online rewards. So by getting rid of online achievements you would help put a stop to boosting and allow the community to actually play the game the way it was intended. I know in the few times I did get to play on XBL, getting into online games were people where just playing to boost was incredibly annoying and made me not even want to play. In my opinion I don't think it right to include achievements that are basically unattainable to some people, whats the point of even calling it an achievement? Not to mention the online achievements that you cant get because the online portion of the game has died off, which I'm sure most gamers have dealt with in at-least one game since gaming started including online achievements.


If developers are unwilling to not add online achievements, surely something like an enable/disable online achievements option could be added to games, that way it won't effect the 100% completion for gamers that don't or can't game online, but still like the achievement system.


2) I hate when DLC achievements are included in a patch:


Don't get me wrong this a solid business move, by including them in patch developers are making sure all those people out there who get all the achievements in a game buy the new DLC. But does that make it right? Some DLC is just not worth getting, and it frustrates me to no end when I download a patch that only adds new achievements for DLC. There is no possible reason that I can think of, where the new achievements couldn't be added in with DLC when you buy and download it. This just makes developers look bad, but the good thing is as far as I'm aware not every developer does this.



So if your someone who likes getting all the achievements for games, what are your thoughts? If you think this is stupid, well your entitled to your opinion. Just something I wanted to kind of rant about because it makes me a little bit made. Sorry if this has been brought up countless time before.


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I think the trap you and others fall into nowadays, is holding onto the preconceived idea that acheivements maketh the game.  It says more about the modern gaming industry than anything i could possibly write, that people are more interested in discussing acheivements than the actual game play itself.  It's no more evident when a quality game hits the store shelves and like i just said, all people are interested in are discussing the achievements, not the story or game play.  Ask some of these guys/gals the story behind the game they've just 100%'d and some of them can't tell you.  I've even had a few messages from people on my friends list asking why i still play games i've 100%'d.  I mean wtf, I play games because i want to play them, because i enjoy them, not because i'm going after achievements or trophies.


My advice, play the game, any game, for what it is and think of the achievement system as an added incentive for trying things you wouldn't have otherwise done.  That's the reason i never look at achievements until I've exhausted the game through natural game progression.  It's no different to how i used to see how fast i could fly through certain levels on Mario 3 (NES) once i had completed the game.


Ultimately, you're the only person that cares what acheivements you have or don't have and come the next gen, they'll probably be reset or replaced with something else, so enjoy the game, not the acheivements.

Don't get me wrong, I don't play a game just for achievements, and I will continue to play games long after I get all the achievements, however is is wrong to actually want to take full advantage of something being offered? Should I be penalized because I can't game online or because I don't want to purchase a certain DLC? Is is wrong to want all of it: the achievements, the story and the game play? Achievements will never replace that for me, but I can't help by being disappointed that I don't get to take full advantage of the achievement system because some developer thinks offline gamers are not important.

I like trying to earn achievments after ive beaten a game. Its fun to go back, and play the game on hard, Which classes so your getting the weapons achievments...etc...etc.. It def helps with the replay value of the game and i fell like im getting my moneys worth when i get all 1000. It is kind of an addiction though.

Sorry if this is a personal question Cool Breeze but is it a lack of an internet connection or some physical disability that prevents you from playing online?


I would guess at the latter since you created a Gold account in order to access other features.

I wish there was the option to remove achievements.



Sorry I should have specified, no I don't have a physical disability that prevents me from playing online or anything like that... I have an internet service that is too slow for online play because I live in the middle of nowhere. That and for some reason I have a NAT that I can't change to open, even with my router being set to open, because for some reason it comes directly from the modem (or ISP) as Strict.  I have a gold account because I got a free trial as I just made this account.


My options for internet are just severely limited in my area...

Cheers for the fill in. Sorry for asking, I'm just extremely nosey.

[quote user="Assassinator010"]

I wish there was the option to remove achievements.

[/quote]They have an option to delete games from your list that have 0 gamerscore.
Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

It's actually no achievements to let you erase the game history. You can't delete a game for if you've picked up a 0g achievement.

I only go for achievements if I enjoy the game enough.  

Some make you do things you never thought of, but end up having fun doing.

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