Achievements vanished **after update**

I did the update last nite  and i tried playing today and about 3 achievements are gone that i already unlocked, the game still sys 60% completed like it was lastime ...but the missions for those 3 achievements are done on the Map how the hell i get those achievements to pop up?


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can anyone help me? My gamesave says im done with these 3 missions but the achievements are gone, how can I get them to pop up again?

Tried clearing your cache and reupdating???? Also what achievements are you missing, because i can see that you've unlocked quite a bit

i did that already, im missing Destroy all toys, agrevated assault, and mystery watcher those 3 achievements are gone but at the moment im at 73% game completed and those 3 achievements still not popping up. I even press ''back'' button and go to side missions and it says 100% completed for those 3 achievements and still nothing..

I'm in the same boat with Dial Z for Murder and Rescue Riddler's first hostage.