achievements missing

recent when lookin at my gamescore history, i noticed my GoW 1 achievements were lower number.

All the achievements for beating all Acts/campaign on Insane have dissapeared.

my profiles Gamer score is still same, just, the achievements for GoW Insane completion is missing. ive yet to look at my other completed games to see if any of thier achievements have dissapeared recently but i was just wondering......

are any of yalls gears of war 1 achievemetns randomly disspeared?  c


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the achievements for act 2, 3, 4, and commando  have been completly erased. idk why.  bout check other games to see if they have been erased of achievements.

where my insane achievements disspear to?  *revs lancer at Epic*  lol

That's really weird that would happen, I'm gonna assume you didn't hack them or anything otherwise your entire profile would get reset.

Perhaps try unlocking one of them again or before doing that call up customer support, maybe they can restore your profile on their side and then you'll have to delete it off your HDD and recover it.

my act 4 is totally gone.. idk why..