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Hey I'm not sure if this is the right forum section,I'm kinda new but anyways,I had a REALLY annoying problem with the new dashboard update cos it wouldn't let me download it,it went to around a quarter of the way and then back to nothing and it kept doing that until eventually it came up with some error code which I typed into google but found nothing with exactly the same code but I found one which was a few letters off so I went on that and tried a solution from some guy called Twizzle or something like that,and it finally worked but when I went on live,it said I was last on my profile on another console which I was,when I was at my friends house,we did some co-op H:Reach until my battery died.So nothing looked wrong until I checked my achievements.There were a few missing on several games like AC:B,JC 2 and a few others so now on AC:B My last achievement shows I finished sequence 3 but not 4 even though I'm on sequence 5 and on JC 2 there's a load of random stuff that I did missing,not sure about anything else since those were the only ones I really noticed.

I'm not sure if it means anything but it the error code said something like 'The profile that you are on was last logged in n a different console.It will now use the save info from that console.' and my friend did have both AC:B and JC 2.My friends GT is MonkyGunner5000


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Sorry to hear your situation can always be frustrating, let's see if I can help explain. More than likely your save was not logged into Xbox live due to game play offline; in that case on your initial system which the achievement was unlocked on will not register after playing on another system with live. When playing on live the save on live has the final save with the logged game play. So when the initial system final does connect to Xbox live the other save from live replaces the achievement saves. Because the initial system might've being on live for a month it register them save's as legit saves, when the second Xbox on live is signed into it reads that save and save's an other achievements you unlocked at that Xbox connection. However now when the initial system get's back on live (for whatever the reason it was offline) Xbox live write's the achievement information over the initially Xbox because live is saying their information is the correct version because that was the last information updated on to live. So when the initial system updates on Xbox live, it's using the save which was logged into second Xbox which was connected to Xbox live.

Frustrating as this may be please remember this is the one of the reasons the push towards an on-line system is becoming favorable, because a sky-drive with an Xbox always on line will prevent data corruption of this sort. Wish I could help you retrieve the lost Achievements, however more than likely it was written over; I do hope you play it again because I believe we love the games we play and more than like we secretly play them more once. Thanks for your question I hope I was helpful answering any area's of confusion.

Look at the date.