Achievements error

When i downloaded todays dlc (auto from season pass) I tried to play some horde, but it had logged me off live. I couldnt manage to get on live with gears 3 playing. Skyrim was ok and dashboard was ok. I noticed that looking at the acheivements in the stats page they had all seemed to be reset.

I went to the dash board and was going to clear the cache, and i noticed that my memory cards memory was full (old MS 64mb), so i moved my profile off thier onto my HDD and clear the cache.

When i started up gears 3 again the 0gs acheivement announcemnt popped up and i found that i could play live again. All my campaign level progress was also missing. My MP level was still there and saved games still there. Also the collectable were all reset to 0.

Now im afraid that ive got somekind of a bug thats affected my acheivements for gears 3. And these potential "double achievements" could be mistaken as tampering.

Has anyone heard of this before?

Could a mod or admin please look into this for me because its got me worried.

Thank you.


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Further to this, Ive recovered my gamertag and it seems to have sorted out my acheivements. so im alot less worried now. the collectables have been reset but im not bothered about those.