achievement you can be my wing man anytime

I am needing help with the achievement you can be my wing man anytime I have gone through it several times all but one time did I go through it one time without missing a single jet and hitting all 7 with one missile why did I not get the achievement is there something I am doing wrong like deploying the flairs to earlier even when the missile is flying at me what someone please help me


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youtube is the best but wait till they deploy there 2nd flares and then fire....if you miss and they deploy throwing off ur rocket then you can use the gun to still take them out of the sky

well the thing is I made a perfect run not missing a single one and still no achievement so I am wondering did the game glitch or what and there was actually one run where I fired and the guy deployed his flares just as the missile hit but that was a time that I failed but yea so is it true that I can just reload a checkpoint and do it or no

I think I had the same thing happen. It may be a glitch I just did it again. Sucks, sorry

No you can't re-try from checkpoints, if you miss one of the seven jets, you most restart the whole level from the beginning. Which is a pain due to the long opening, also if you take damage from any of the other jets then you most restart also.

wow that's retarded does anybody happen to know how to get the achievement called jaws where I get that at and are most of the achievements more set for multiplayer co-op

by the way this is in a different game but anybody up for helping me sometime in the future with the spec ops missions on MW3 please and yes by the way I am an achievement hunter

does it matter if you get hit by the 30 mil at all during the level