Hi ive not played this since the good old days :) My question is for the Achievement Nothing Personal Break the neck of 30 enemies.How do i do it ? and for question 2 Achievement Like He Just Doesn't Care CQC Hold up an enemy how do i that ? ive seen few vids on youtube where if u point a gun the guard shake and drops stuff like bullets etc but this person was playing the ps3 version of the game.Also lets just say the controls have not changed since it was on ps2 i belive.Its been along time since ive played this lol :) but im just stuck.Any help tips please post me reply.

p.s do the enemie having to be facing me when i aim gun at him ? or can i behind him ? as ive seen in youtube vids the enemie is all ways looking at you and he shakes and drops items ive tried for 2 mins but nothing happens.


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if you go up to an enemy's back and hit 'X' you'll grab him- then just keep hitting 'X' to break the neck.

To hold up guard eqip gun and press x near him then holding LB move youself to face him aim at head or balls to shake

Snake Eater

For Like He Don't Care softly press X when you're behind an enemy and Snake will say something like "Freeze!"

Sons of Liberty

For Nothing Personal softly press and hold B to grab an enemy then rapidly press B to break his neck.

for the mgs2 one just walk behide someone stop still and press and hold X once then press it a load of times to break his neck.

For mgs3 its messed up! ive done it 1000s of times on ps3s version and on the ps2 but it just doesnt work as easly on xbox...