Achievement help

I don't play halo 3 anymore. I was looking to see if people can help me get three multiplayer achievements before the servers close for halo 3.

They are:

Pull - shotgun spree on citadel

Blades of Fury - sword spree on heretic

Ghost Patrol - Three Ghost Kills on longshore


I will help with you guys getting achievements too. I'll be on all day. If your interested send me a message.


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They won't close the servers for Halo 3 anytime soon, plenty of people play it and these 3 achievements are very easy to get.  The fact that you haven't even got Halo 3 in your recent games shows you're not even making an effort to get these achievements.

I agree.


Achievements are Achievements because you have to work to achieve them. Boosting is pathetic, nice 18, 000 bullshit Gamerscore you have.


Ghost Patrol particularly is a pathetically easy Achievement, I'm utterly bewildered that you don't have that one. Did you forget to even TRY boosting it when you boosted the Perfection and Extermination?


How pathetic and tragic of you to ask for that Achievement at all, along with the others. Give it a shot and you might just get it yourself.


Is your 33 as fake as your Achievements?

Why are you trying to justify boosting, I'm not saying I haven't done it before, I did it on LOTR: Conquest - all the online achievements but there was no point to it. I've never boosted Halo 3 achievements because I enjoy the challenge of them and it makes me play the game.


[quote user="CoolBMXDude0124"] don't play halo 3 anymore.[/quote]


[quote user="CoolBMXDude0124"]before the servers close for halo 3.[/quote]


They aren't going to just drop the bombshell saying "Thanks for playing for 4 years but we are immediately discontinuing Halo 3 online and angering about 40,000 people" Besides there are at least 10k people on at all times and its still fun, I have pessimistic thoughts about Halo 3 flatlining soon as about 6 months ago I saw the most appalling thing in Halo 3 - 4 Team Slayer matches in a row where the whole other team quit within 5-6 minutes then on Team Mythic there was 48 players ...


[quote user="CoolBMXDude0124"]people can help me get three multiplayer achievements[/quote]


It sounds here like you're just asking for some friendly people to get the achievements with you legitimately, I hate people more who try to cover up boosting which shows they are ashamed of it but still do it out of lust for Gamerscore.


You are unlucky in the fact that Team Mythic has never fully recovered and its hard to find a game for these achievements in it but don't lose faith and try hard, you will get those achievements, just as I did. I'm no hypocrite but I never boosted tough Halo 3 achievements and neither should you, just giving you some advice and a dose of reality.