Achievement glitch?

Hi everyone,

So I got the "uprising dlc"  for Black Ops 2 early tuesday morning, but the achievement list didn't update right away (still said 60 ach. for 1250 gs) but when i entered the achievement list it showed all of the new ones at the bottom. So me and a buddy are playing and I unlock the "paranormal progression - 5 gs" achievement and the we both unlock the easter egg achievement " no one escapes alive - 75 gs".  Both achievements show up on-screen as I'm playing and make their little noise. After we're done I go to the dashboard to check my achievements. The thumbnails for the achievements show up next to me in my friends tab, but the achievement list still says 60 ach. for 1250 gs. This was about 1:30 p.m. cst. 

I get back online at about 5 and this achievement list has been updated. It now says 70 ach. for 1500 gs, but says I only have 60 out of 70 for 1250 gs. But when I enter the achievement page it shows 62 out of 70 at the bottom, and shows the thumbnails for the two achievements I had unlocked earlier. So I play some more thinking that if I can unlock another achievement the others would update. I end up ulocking 3 more new achievements for 60 gs, and re-doing the other two just in case.

I go back to the dashboard to check the list. It shows 63 out of 70 for 1310 gs. it should say 65 out of 70 for 1390 gs.

If I go to a friends profile and compare games, my side shows 1310, but when i enter to actually compare achievements, it shows 1390 at the top.

The two missing achievements don't show on at all.

I'm a completionist, so this is probably gonna bug me when it comes to end. I'll end up 88 out of 90 for 1920 out of 2000 gs. and I will miss out on a completed game.

Is this going to fix itself?


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Also, getting to the Golden Gate is not the EE, Pop Goes The Weasel is.

Well atleast YOU know that you did it.So you did complete the game even without those numbers.Who cares about GS anyway?New X-Box out soon enough and this will all be irrelevent :-)

Itll probably "update" itself soon enough.