Achievement glitch - lexicographer not unlocking

Hi I've got a rating over 1500 but no achievement. You can see me on the leader boards. I think the problem is possibly due to two achievements unlocking at the same time. I've tried various things to make it unlock. - won another game - lost a game - took my points under 1500 then got them back over 1500 - reinstalled game - reinstalled game when under 1500 rating and then got back over 1500 Please help me. Any chance of a patch or fix?

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Just read this post Keith. It would seem that the 50 game achievement blocked my lexicographer achievement from popping. Any chance of this getting added to the new year update?

will take a look at this sure


It may interest you to know I got it to unlock by loading up my gamer tag on a different phone

That works or playing a random match and resigning works too. Just make sure you have 1521 rank so you are still above 1500 when you quit