Achievement glicthed?

I have created all 101 combo weapons. But the achievement didn't unlock. Is there something I'm missing or what? Anyone else having this problem?


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This might be obvious question, but do you have 101 combo and super combo weapons I your locker? I had 96 blue prints but only 93 of the weapons in my locker at one point. I'm 2 away and I'll post again whether it glitches on me or not

Yep. However I figured it out. I had the mini chainsaw in my locker, but I never actually made it. So that was it. Another one that is easily missed is the tactical pistol.

And now I'm having the same problem with making every vehicle combination, all 10 combos are in my garage and I have all 10 blue prints, so doesn't that mean I've made all combinations?

You might have driven or ridden in a combo vehicle before you actually made it. Try making all 10 just to be sure.

I missed the junk truck, built while messing around and the Cheevo popped