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I wonder if I can get banned? I hate achievements. I have OCD, and this is bothering me. I want someone to help me. I would help you get achievements, and hopefully you'll return the favor :) By helping me get the same achievements. You know my tag, just goto compare games. I really need to get rid of this. OH!! BTW, XPLODER doesn't work.


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IIRC boosting achievements and modding your gamerscore/profile will see it get reset, if you are caught.

Modding your GS will get you a reset and a watermark on you profile stating you are a cheater. As far as boosting for achievements it is fine as long as you aren't using outside sources. A lot of MP games allow you to boost achievements in private matches

I'm just gonna drop it. It's obvious none of you gonna get it. I never mod, never boost in codbo2, and I barely know how to use a computer let alone hack. I just want help in achievements. Besides, I bought angry birds trilogy yesterday, I now understand achievements. Thank you community. I am slow, justso you know. I wish, in the near future I can give more details to my post. I plan to work on my second post via youtube. I just gotta make a video.