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Hey guys, I'm having trouble playing BF3 on my friend's Xbox. I redeemed my online pass code on my account on my Xbox, but when I log in on my friends Xbox it won't allow me access to multiplayer. My friend can login to either Xbox and play online, so why can't my account?

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Licence transfer to his console then.

Isn't the online pass like a 36kb download? You may have to copy that file onto his xbox.

Yes, but I'm only visiting for the holidays, I want to be able to play back at home in a couple weeks time and you have to wait four months to transfer licenses again

That's the update, which is done. I'm asking about EA's crappy online passes

I thought it was four times a year, but once every 24 hours until you use up all four?

Right I have similar situation ,I have 2 xbox's which use all the time if my kids are in one room I go in the other to play games so when I download anything DLC ,online passes etc I download on both machines and never have a problem playing on either Xbox ,I have a USB stick which I have my profile and game saves on so I can the play same game on either Xbox ,what method are you using for putting your profile on your friends Xbox

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