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I was a first prestige level 91 in Gears of War 3. I played for a bit yesterday and got off to shower then hang out with some people. I get back on and my account was reset to level 1. All my stats gone, all my onyx medals gone too. WHY?!?


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You got reset due to a glitch.

If you do not have a backup save on a USB drive or the Cloud storage, it is gone for good and you will have to restart.

Epic Games is Awesome

Yep! They promised they would fix the glitch from GoW 2 and they just made another with GoW 3.

Don't cheat and this won't happen. :D

lol, it's not from cheating

Haha I didn't cheat. Epic Games made a bad multiplayer glitch that reset my account ***. It's Epic's fault. The only time i'll rally play GoW3 now is if it's with my buddies.


Throw your copy of gears away and never play it again.


Nice, you said that twice now so shut up but i'll actually be alright being a lower level so I can poop on you higher levels and make you feel bad that your getting beat by a level 11 in Gears.

Same thing happened to me but i am only pissed because i lost my gun and character skins that werent seperatley saved like my gold lancer and hammerburst etc