Account Locked?

Just like the title says. Anyone have an idea what that's about? I got on the game. Won a battle then chose another tank. I was on the queue screen for about 5 mins then dashboarded because I thought it had crashed. Loaded back up and apparently the tank I wanted to use was In Battle. Tried to choose another and it said Account Locked.


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dash boarding causes that I hear, n I hear you just reboot xbox to fix most times.


Unless you have been team killing with arty then you can get locked out for that. think its 24hrs the first time for TKing.

It happened a week ago to a lot of people including me . We had to wait for the servers to be reset :( .

I had no idea you could TK on this. It sorted itself out anyway. Just had to wait for some time.

Arty can splash damage team mates, if they are close to a target your shooting at.

it's a known issue and their support has no clue about it, but you'll see people talking about this in the wot forums.