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Can anyone help?  Someone on-line keeps threatening to take over our account/game tag and says they can take/use our Gold membership.  Is this possible?  He says his 'brother' works for Microsoft and can 'hack' accounts.

We have reported him on XBox.  Does anything actually get done about it?  He also swears and is very abusive, which is also reported.


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Providing you follow good account security then you can't be 'hacked', look here for advice


Reports may make time to be actioned on but they are all dealt with. The Enforcement Team get thousands of complaints a day, so it might take a little time to get to yours.


In the meantime block communications with this person CLICK HERE to find out how.

If you have not disclosed any personal infornmation, nothing to worry about.   See the following web site for security and safety.

Looks like empty threats to me.

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I was playing Battlefield 3 a couple weeks ago with someone who threatened to hack and steal my account. I laughed at him and told him what a pathetic incompetent fool he was for making such a bluff. He ended up rage quitting never to be heard from again.

@SKILL and Sword...Internet bullies don't have a lot of clout behind their threats.