Account banned from Halo 4 online due to poor connection

Due to other issues with my account, I was forced to post on the forum with my friend's account.  My Gamertag is Defense4TheWin                                

                         After Hurricane Sandy, I have been having a large amount of connection issues regarding Xbox Live.  One of the largest issues I have had was while in online games of Halo 4.  During an online game I would get in in game message telling me I had poor connection to something and that the game couldn't load my profile.  I would stay in the game, but the message became annoying.  However, when playing against my friend, he pointed out that after I told him that the error message popped up, parts of my in game character's body would momentarily disappear.  I didn't think much of it, especially because the error message eventually stopped popping up.  However, a few days later I loaded up my Halo 4 and received a message telling me that I have been banned from online play for Halo 4.  I was never told why I was banned, but I'm assuming it was because of my poor internet after Sandy.  Is it possible that the game thought I was modding?  Is it possible to undo this mistake, or am I just not allowed to play because of my poor connection? 

Also, for some reason I'm having issues with my Xbox Live account on the Xbox website.  I am unable to access the forms.  (I am posting on the forums from a different account)   My account's gamertag is   Defense4TheWin


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Should I post this exact question on the section of the forum for that link?