Accidentlly got into an online hacked game

Hi, I was playing call of duty online and I joined an online game of demolition and I got one kill and it said I ranked all the way up after my first kill. I immediately left the game and it said I was the max rank. I didn't join that game intentionally I don't know who the leader was and I don't want to be banned for it. I spoke with an xbox employee and she told me I should post my problem on here. can someone please help me with this? Thanks.

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This is a game specific issue that you will have to take up with the dev. I would advise posting on the official CoD forums.

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Call activision.

i was in one today as well.  The other teams points were at 9999 per player.  I noticed this after i joined and died immediately.  

People are getting banned and reset even if it was accidental

  I heard at least one person who came here with that issue state that when they called activision they were told they would be tagged to not be banned..... and would possibly get their rankk restore when they work it all out.