Accidentally started mission

I started a mission without customizing my loadout, accidentally. Not only does it not ask you if your sure you want to start the mission (Yes/No), I also can't figure out how to restart the mission to customize my loadout. Is there a way to do that or am I stuck with the default loadout?



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You can always go to select mission option and go from there. I think that should work.

There is no select mission option, there is resume story and replay mission. Replay mission doesn't have the mission in question because it hasn't been completed and rewind only allow you to re-do a completed mission and continue the story from then on. So I guess I'll have to rewind on the previous mission and do it again. Such a horrible design choice (or flaw).

No doubt I will press A again and not Y to customize loadout, here is to replaying missions because of it!

Game is easy,Just replay the previous mission.If i came on here every time had to restart due to bugs,The front page woulda been half full of me.

True enough, I'm playing it on hardened (first play-though).