Accessing Solitaire Challenges - Error 002000

I've been playing solitaire challenges for quite a while but suddenly over the last couple of days I cannot access them. I can access the other solitaire games fine just not the challenges.  Error message comes up "unable to load challenge data - error 002000"  Try again or cancel.  Trying again gets me nowhere nor does log off/ log on nor does uninstalling- reinstalling the app.  Seems from googling that this is a common problem but does anyone know a solution 


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I am looking into this right now and I'll let you know what I find. =)


Helen / MS Win8 Games

I need a little bit more information from you, if you don't mind.  Can you confirm what you're running Solitaire on (tablet or PC)? Also, can you play the Daily Challenges on Microsoft Mahjong or Microsoft Minesweeper?  Are you logged in to Xbox?  Let me know so I can help you further and get this resolved for you. :)

Hi I'm running Solitaire on a PC with Windows 8.1.  MS Minesweeper lets me into the daily challenges.  I'm logged into Xbox and as I've said I can access and play the other solitaire games but can no longer access the daily challenges.  The challenges no longer load and I get the error message described

Hi, I have the same problem, periodically I get the 002000 error code. the last time even my display brightness got screwed up. I called the lenovo help and they fixed both problems by reinstalling a previous display drive that windows had automatically updated with a version that was not compatible with the system. Now the problem has reappeared. Help

I am having the same issue but with Microsoft Minesweeper Daily Challenges.  I can access the Microsoft Solitaire Daily Challenges.

I am also having this issue. It started when I lost my WiFi connection right when I was completing a solitaire challenge. Maybe there is a corrupt file. Is there a way to "clean" the data without losing progress?

I just fixed this on my system by renaming my C:\Users\(Name)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\DiskCache.bin file to DiskCache.old. The file is recreated when launching the game. State is stored in a separate file, so is not lost. It looks like the file was corrupted when I lost my WiFi connection.

Thanks so much for this, larsenyZ.  I'm going to add this to our knowledge base (and upcoming FAQ) so it can help others who may have run into the same issue.


Helen / MS Win8 Games

Thank you very much, this helped me also.

I can't see this file, only a folder...