access to free mission

hi all

i have d/l the free first mission for the spec ops how do i play it looked all thro the menus cant find anything to let me play i live in the uk dunno if that makes a diff

thx in advance

the mog


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When you select campaign, pick start new or free play; once thats done you will select your team (side) and play thier storyline

thx a lot will try it now

ok there is no option to pick side on free play it just takes me to mission select

Uh i can ONLY select the spec ops 1st mission in free play and have no acess to the DLC i paid for!


ok i think i have found the problem. i looked on my harddrive and it seems that downloading the free mission thro the in game download didnt download all the file (it had a yellow exclamation mark next to the file) i deleted the free mission and have d/l it via the game addons in the market place will check if this has fixed it. gerblin i suggest you check to see if your dlc has the same problem. hope this helps

teh mog