Access to collection 1 Stopped!

I downloaded Collection1 and played ok for a number of days until last update (April 8?). Now I don't see any of the new maps. Only see Elite which states i dont have maps or thatvthey may be cortipted and to go download. I do the download etc and still Nothing. Repeat many time. Nothing. Tried DLC on and off etc. no luck. What am I missing.?

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i am having same problem after last nights update, cant see the point in releasing the collection pack if you cant no longer chose too play just the new maps until may when they say the next collection is due for non elite members. Just another game company following EA to rip off the genuine users.

The only problem I've had so far with the maps is it keeps saying NEW at the store option on the main menu, even after I've downloaded all of the new maps. It gets annoying.

i can play the new maps when i chose advanced playlist but can no longer chose to play only the new maps as i could before the 2 new maps arrived, i think this is a **** poor service from both the game company and xbox as when i purchased the collection 1 pack not once did it say when new maps are out i could no longer play just the collection pack that i downloaded.and i am pretty sure that stopping me from playing just the new maps is a breach of trading standards?

i am know having to purchase an elite password for £35 ontop of the £10 i have already paid for the 1st maps like i have said a very poor service from a once reputable company.......pull your finger out Microsoft and listen to the people who have made you and put you where you are................