Accepted Missions in Mr. Torgue DLC have Disappeared from my Current List..

So I was playing the new DLC today, I am just before going to find Mama, and I had accepted like 5 or 6 different side missions. Well I was working on finishing the 3 tier race and had to step away. I saved and quit, as I always do (and I means always). Well went back to play and all the DLC missions are gone. I remembered that Moxxi had given me a mission, so I went to check and she says, "Are you done with that job yet?". But when I check I have no missions listed, so I decided let me go and see if I go after the Mama what will happen. On the way there, one of the side missions kicked....something about a monster truck, not a monster. I beat the truck, but the mission was never listed, nor could I select it. So basically, I have to guess to what I have to do to complete the missions I have already accepted. Funny, I thought I was going to go glitch free, when so many others have had problems. Anyone else seen or heard of this?


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