ACB Limited Edition - Exclusive Content Expires 5/31/11 ?!

Please help!  I just bought Asassin's Creed Brotherhood limited edition because it came with some cool stuff and especially because of the exclusive content.  I bought brand new from Amazon, opened it and the exclusive content code inside says on the sheet that it expires 5/31/11. 

The exclusive content is:


Trajan Market

I tried the code anyway within the game and it appeared to download 2 templar lair locations that say that it is a marked location in the game, then it downloaded something called the "Officer", which I assume is an extra character in multiplayer.  My question, is where the heck is the exculsive single player in game maps I bought?  I was aware of no expiration, as it was not mentioned on nor even on the exterior of the box! 

Can someone please help me out?  It appears I did not get these single player maps with my code, and I paid for it. Should I contact ubi-soft because this blows.  (Sorry for my rant).

Appreciate your help, thanks! 



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Customer support should help with this.

Trajan Market is available in about Sequence 3 or 4. Look for the cross symbol on the map, it's at the Trajan Market. The Aqueduct is available after the game is complete or when you can get all aqueducts fixed and flowing water... I'm not sure, as I didn't do it all the time lol.