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Hi all. Sorry for the title, it may confuse you. I had no idea how to put it. But I've recently started playing the game, and I've just unlocked the ability to have kenways fleet. Anyway it gave a timer for how long it would take for missions to complete etc, but once all that mini tutorial was done it said play with friends to make misisons easier etc. This has confused me somewhat as the singleplayer isn't co op. So what exactly did that mean about having friends help out? I have absolutely no idea. Is it's xbox companion or through online multiplayer? Any help with this confusion would be great.


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happend to me too. i also would like to know

If you have friends that play AC IV, you will be able to see their ships when you are in Kenway's fleet. At the top there are three headings that your can switch using the bumpers, your fleet, trade missions and ships in progress, something like that. Under the ships in progress it will shoe both your ships and any of your friends ships that are currently on missions (It will also let you know this next to the heading, so no need to actually enter the in progress menu).

You can go in, select the ship (hit A) and hit A again and it will take some time off of the remaining amount.

Do not get to caught up in this. your not missing anything important.

If I have the X1 version and a friend has the X360 version, can we use the AC4 UPlay app to help eachother on missions?

This would be a good thing to figure out...

I too was wondering. Thanks LeashedFreak4U.