AC1 for $10 ?

I've played and liked every AC creed game except #1. I know it's crazy. Now that it's 10 bucks I want it but am not sure if I'll like it. Reviews say the combat is clunky, that AC2 and it's sequels are so much better, ect... My question is does it keep the basic stealth aspects and good storyline? Are there puzzles? Are the controls solid?


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Personally, for $10, I think it's worth it.  If you are an achievement ***, you will loathe the flag collecting because it is a royal pain, but aside from that, I thought it was pretty fun.  The misssions are a little on the repetitive side, but the boss assassinations are fun.  AC: 2 and Brotherhood were better, but that doesn't make AC:1 bad.



I played it after all the others and enjoy it.

I'm stuck on one mission though, so I've drifted away from it.

it is very basic, you just do the same thing over and over again and there are 420 flags to find throughout the game. it was fun years ago for awhile but I dont know what kind of reaction people would have playing it now

It's different, but if you like the rest of the series, it is recommended.