Abysmal load times. Is this normal?

I mean, any time I get a load screen, I mean ANY, it's like 3-5 min on average load times. Is this really that normal?

It happened to me initially during the install, so I assumed that was the cause. Once it was at 100% and installed, the game failed to load and I had to reset my profile just to play the game. Now, after starting over again, the load times are STILL 3-5 min on average. It's taking FAR too long. I literally fell asleep waiting for my last race to load. This can't be normal...


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I don't think it takes more than 1 minute or 1 1/2 for me, but they are way too long for supposed "next gen".

I think the livery creators all left too, ot T10 went mental with censoring everything.

It doesn't look that good and the tracks are hardly huge, I don't know wtf it is loading.