Absorbing an Enemies Soul

Hi, I'm new to The Elder Scrolls and would like to know what spell you need to absorb and enemies soul and where I can learn it, I am a member of the college if that helps!


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Spell: Soul Trap.  

Enchanting Perk: Soul Siphon

Soul Trap.

How do I get hold of Soul Trap, who is the best person to find, and in what settlement?

I'm sure you'll be able to find it at the college at Winterhold

you can get it in two places i think.  In the college i cant remember his name but he trains conjuration and talks about necromancy.  Secondly I think (not 100%) the mage in Windrun's castle sells it too.  

Conversly if you put enough points into conjuration you can get a perk that all bound weapons automaticlly steal souls.  This is what I do because first you get an awesome ghost sword that better than most steel ones, and you lvl conjuration and one hand simultaniously and stealing souls its a triple win.

Here is what I did to trap souls and it's worked great for me.

In Whiterun I found a bow for sale in the Drunken Huntsman that had soul trap on it. I have also seen the Blacksmith sell these items, but the bow in the Huntsman seems pretty common. I bought one of those bows and took it to the arcane enchanter and destroyed it to learn the Soul Trap Enchantment. I then took a Skyforged Steel Sword (any Melee weapon will work) to the Enchanter and enchanted it with Soul Trap using a Common Soul Gem. When you are doing the enchantment, and you pick the Soul Trap ability, put the slider all the way to the left. This will reduce the soul trap time to 1 second and give you the max possible charges. One second is fine because it traps the soul as soon as you deliver the 'death blow.' Craft your blade and you're off. You can then put some empty soul gems in your inventory and go out in the area around Whiterun and kill Wolves, Mud Crabs, Wildlife, etc with your Soul Trap blade and every kill will fill a gem. Just remember, regular soul gems can only hold the soul of creatures and not humans. You need Black Soul Gems to trap human/humanoid souls. This method should keep you with a steady supply of regular Soul Gems though. Hope this helps you.

One thing I have noticed when soul trapping is if you get the special kill animation you don't get to capture the soul. I don't know if it's a glitch or not but it is quite annoying.

I noticed that too Waykam.. and you're right.. it's very annoying.

conjuration - what does this do and what are the benifits, thanks for every reply this has helped loads!!!

conjuration is basically summoning stuff: weapons, daedra, atronachs, and zombies. Stuff like that.


As for the soul trapping, if you ever FIND a weapon with this ability I recommended you disenchant it so you can enchant it on other weapons.

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