AbsoluteGaming is THE place for all of your FIFA needs. We are about to  start our 12th season of FIFA with the leagues and tournaments are going  from strength to strength. So what do we offer?

• A variety of different leagues – Multi tiered Club and International  leagues with season by season relegation and championship battles
• Ultimate Team League – think you’re team is the Ultimate? Come and prove it!
• Scudo – our unique site currency that will be used to by your teams  for the season ahead. The more active you are, the more scudo you earn  to get the team you want for the season.
• Ladders – Monthly ladders for games between members, climbing the  ladder and playing more games = more scudo and bragging rights.
• Monthly tournaments – ranging from World Cups to the Johnstone Paint Trophy and Simulation Leagues
• TFI Friday – our twice monthly Friday knockout tournament, win it and  it’s your choice of teams for the next TFI, and you’ll get a nice  little tournament award on your profile
• 2 v 2 – every other Thursday is our 2 v 2 night. Team up with another  member of AG for a night of banter against other teams in a league  style scenario.
• Clubs – You’ve not experienced clubs until you experience it with the  AG club. Any night of the week you fancy there is likely to be someone  on for laughs and maybe some nice teamwork to boot. We don’t take things  too seriously – but winning is nice too!
• Worldwide tournaments – we have successfully hosted worldwide FIFA tournaments on behalf of the XCN

Anything else? Yes! We don’t just FIFA. We play all games. Anything the  members demand we strive to provide. We have gaming nights and gaming  challenges running all week long. Some of the games we have and  currently do use:

• Call of Duty – always a big hit, and with the release of MW3 imminent expect something special
• Gears of War – ladders, game nights catering a variety of game mode, co op campaign and horde with our members
• Formula 1 – Gran Prix, time trials
• Forza 4 - competitive racing, time trials
• Halo – successfully hosted a worldwide Halo tournament on behalf of the XCN
• Dirt 3, Blur, NFS, Crysis 2, Pro Evo, Tiger Woods, Poker and many more     


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great set up

i would like to add guys we are a very active site..

we only keep active members any inactive membersget deleted..are figures are true and not false the members you see are the members who are part of our setup..no fake figures here..unlike most sites who leave inative members in there list

or post fake figures