About to start a hardcore run...

I want to make sure i've got an adequate plan before i try this insane task lol. First and foremost ammunition is sparse, so i'm thinking about restricting myself to the plasma cutter and force gun. I don't know if its possible to survive for so long with only a plasma cutter since the force gun is only available on chapter 7 (i think). Which brings me to another point. Optimum number of saves is restricted to 3. I'm thinking one in chapter 7 or 8. One before that crazy drill ride with the sniping lurkers. The other  i'm still uncertain. Anyone want to give some advice or input I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


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My memory sucks but I'll try. Those two guns are great choices, I used the PC & FG until the final boss battle and then switched my PC to the SR (Seeker Rifle). But yes, it's best just to keep two main weapons so you can keep your inventory full of health and ammo. If you have room then pick up other random ammo types & equipment so you can sell it at the store and stock up on more of whatever u need. If you find yourself running out of space then try using a medkit (remember NEVER let your health stay in yellow, always heal yourself). As for the saves, I would suggest 8 (if you think you can make it through Disc 1), 11 (before drill ride) and 13 (before eye poke machine). I did my saves at 5, 8 & 11 (I wouldn't recommend it lol) but it can be done. My point in telling you this is that if you feel overwhelmed on the 1st disc and don't wanna risk going back to the start then Ch. 5 would be a good save point. That way if you die you won't have far back to go & it would help ease the tension. After that I would suggest holding out until Ch. 10/11 & final save at 13. Another heads up is always keep stasis full as well, if you have no items left then find a nice safe spot and stay there until it refills so you can always be prepared and try your best to use limbs to kill enemies to reserve your ammo. Ok so hopefully this will help you and I'm sure my buddy Thookins can add some more info as well. All that's left to save is good luck! Lol.

Sorry I don't have a lot of time to post.  Packing up right now and about to leave on vacation for a week.  Anyways it's good to stick with a couple of weapons.  I got the Martial Law Pack dlc (pretty sure) because it includes the Force Gun.  That gun alone makes it much easier.  Either way, the Plasma Cutter rocks.  Pretty versatile.  Stick with upgrading that and another weapon.  First though, I recommend you upgrade your suit health so you can at least take a hit or two from an enemy. 

As for saves, I saved in chapter 4, when I reached the Ishimura, and the eye needle machine.  Whatever you do, I highly recommend you save a save for the eye press, as it's very easy to die.  Another thing that most people don't know is you get a free checkpoint when you swap discs.  That's why I saved when I did.  So basically if you die after the disc swap, you'll revert to the swap part, and not your previous save from the other disc.  But... if you turn off your Xbox, you'll lose the checkpoint and have to start from the save on the other disc.  This means it's good to use the checkpoint, but save after that.  I did my saves to break the game into four equal parts.  Give yourself about 3-4 hours each part so you don't have to save too soon.  I also turned off all notifications to stop things from distracting me (messages and friends getting online).  The more focused you can be to the game, the better. 

Here are a couple of threads found in this forum that have some good hardcore tips:  http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_360_games/a_d/dead_space_2/f/926/t/5605.aspx



Thanks i appreciate the responses. I thought they patched the disk 2 free save though...

It never was a save, but rather a checkpoint.  Once you turn off your system you lose the checkpoint.  As far as I know it's still there.  But there's one way to find out...  Maybe you shouldn't bank on it then.  Could always save before it or after it.

As of December of last year, people are saying it's still there.  I really couldn't see them deciding to patch it this year after all this time. 

I've ran into a real huge problem here. I was progressing real smoothly till chapter 7. The solar arrays won't align... i haven"t even used up my first save i'm thinking i might have to start all over cause of this.

You have that free save at the disc swap so you should be good. Are you playing now?

I got halfway through the game and was so excited I was doing so well. Then I fell through an elevator floor.

This is why everyone should use a save in chapter 4 or 5.   Then you can shut down your system, and start again fresh another time.  Then you can try and get far while using the free checkpoint.

First save should be chapter 9, second 13 and third is at the beginning of chapter 15 so if you die by final boss you restart right there pretty much. If you do get scared because of the regenerator save just before it in chapter 14. Also if you want you're life easier get the dlc if you do you get weapons and suits that you don't need in game money to get. So there for all  the in game money you get goes towards health and ammunition.

Also only ever carry two weapons at a time. Carry your favorite or best weapons, the reason is because you will there for only have two types of ammunition in the inventory and it is not cluttered by other useless stuff. More room for health yeah!!. everything else you don't need sell for money for health and ammunition.

I made it to chapter 12 my first time without dying that's where I saved the first time.

I completely disagree with the those saves.  Really just the first one though.  Saying "First save should be chapter 9," is not what I'd recommend.  Everyone is different.  Saying it's how it must be done for sure for everyone, is either bad wording, or just not how I would say things.  That's a long ways to go without dying, not to mention it would take a fair amount of time.  

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