about time we had a block button on xbox

hi guys, my 10 year old son last night was abused of a 14 year old boy, who was firing loads off negative comments

at my son, am gonna hack you, basicly bullying him, ive gone on this morning and reported him, muted him and disliked him as a player, but i really think, we should be able to also just block the person.

my kid is a good lad, at 10 he is sweet & kind, i dont really like the fact that some 14 year old boy can bully him on xbox.

just because he took a dislike to him.

though ive reported him, am sure once he gets a code of conduct, he will contact his friends and ask them to report my son and try get him on a code of conduct too.

i really think there should be some form we can fill in off xbox to report bullying so xbox live can contact him and say, anymore of this and your account will be closed and your xbox blocked from live and your gamertag banned to.

i think getting tough is the only way to stop this from going on, am sure if i had of joined the chat and had a word, his parents would be going mad today, so that is not an option, and i really want my son to stand up for himself, and not be beaten down.

thanks for reading this

cheers rick


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Sorry you had to go through this. 


Be sure not to message the person back.  It will unblock what you have done.  At this point, its best to move on and let XBLPET handle it.  If your son has done nothing wrong he ( you) have nothing to worry about.


If you have read this already I would take a look at it.  It will help with issues like this.



thanks, ive made it so, only friends can now talk to him, it seems younger kids can be a target for older ones, the kid in question was the only one being nasty, yet all his friends was telling him to lay off.

i know they are still kids, thats why ive not had a go etc.

but my lad was worried, so i hope this is the end of it.

While I agree with you that this behavior is unacceptable I would also suggest that you limit the games that you allow your son to play.  Like any games that have Teen or Mature ratings on them and what not  idk know if you let your son play on your account but I see three games on your recent games list that is just not  appropriate  for kids your son's age .

No worries, I hope it helped.  I just had to go through this with my sister and her sons.  I used the guide to set it up for them.  Now if I can get her to check up on them while playing........we will see.

It just takes time. I had a Xbox for 3 years before my kids got online. After a while of seeing all the posts in the suspension area I figured a guide might help. It was a pain to figure out for me at first you will figure it all out. All of us parents have to learn what is best for our kids. Don't ever hesitate to post up questions or problems like this. We have the best community when it comes to helping parents and users.

I also have it that my son can only hear people on his friends list.  When he does play with a headset and not the kinect (so we can all hear) it also goes through the speakers.  Often friends of friends will be in the lobby and they will ask to be his friend so they can communicate with him too. I approve it and if they behave, they can stay on his friends list, if not, off they go.  So far, only people he knows in real life, children of my friends, and friends of theirs are on his friends list.  It seems to work out pretty well for us.  

In my expirience (as a spectator), a pre-teen going into a public chat is asking for abuse, especialy in geek-rage inducing games like shooters. Its a shame XBL is in this state,  but its a good idea to mute all exept friends, or much easier, play in private parties.

Just my opinion.