About subscription payment.

So, I'm going to be getting an Xbox 360 in a few days, and I plan on paying exclusively using the subscription cards, But I have a question about using a debit card.

Say I go to buy a card, and I can't find one, or the event they're discontinued (they probably never will be, But just saying), and I use my debit card to buy a subscription, How would I go about canceling it so I can say, pay for one month instead of a recurring subscription? Can I just tell them to stop billing me right from the Xbox or on the website, or would I have to call tech support to cancel it? Can I remove the card details from my account once I cancel and reuse the same debit card if I need to resub again (the reason I want to do this, is because I've heard horror stories of accounts getting hacked and charged hundreds of dollars in MS points, So it's got me a bit paranoid), or can you only use a card once and you can't use it again once it's off the account? What about with MS points? Can I just put my card details on the account, buy some points and immediatly remove it and re use it if I want more points in the future? Sorry for the long winded speech, I'm just kinda paranoid, and I've heard loads of horror stories of MS not canceling your card at all, keeping it hostage ect.

Thank you.


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I have my card on file and Ive never had a problem,keep in mind gamers these days are people who are great for making a mountain out of a molehill.

Thanks for the quick reply! But still, are you able to cancel a subscription with ease? What about removing the card on file? Can you re add the same card even after it's off multiple times? Because I heard something about a blacklist or something, where you can only use one card one time, I dunno :s

Ive never cancelled a card per-say just switched cards and it worked just fine.The other card was never charged or messed with.But hey thats just me.

as soon as you subscribe you can cancel auto renew so you will not automatically be charged again when it runs out.

you can ring up or i think you can now do it through this website.

Great, thanks for the quick help guys, I appreciate it :)

Now that I remember, those horror stories were posted in 2007-2009, And I guess they could've changed their policies since then.

Thanks a bunch :)