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One thing that always bothered me is you can always be revived unless you commit suicide. I understand being revived for body shots and the like, but should you be able to revive a guy that got shot in the head? or blown up by a tank shell? or a mortar strike? I understand its a game and all but you know what I mean. Anyone else think the defib should be nerfed a bit?


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Never played a BF game before but I will agree that they should not be able to be revived if they get hit with anything but a body shot.

Never played a BF game before?!? blasphemy!

If the game was that picky I'm not sure many people would play the medic class :P

I do understand where you are coming from though, maybe make headshots non-revive?

Yea it's so lame in BC2. I hope they nerf the crap out of them. Way OP IMO.

It's just fine as it is

I think i would maybe keep it as it is,It could start to get complicated otherwise Imo.

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Never played a BF game before?!? blasphemy!


That is why I am starting with this one. (I tried to find the thumbs up but couldn't, so just imagine one is here.)