About Posting Spoilers and Leaks [Updated 10/13/12]

The excitement of Halo 4's release is growing and growing, as well as the knowledge of the much-anticipated story. While some may know the depths of the game's story, others don't and want the game to surprise them of any upcoming twists and plots the story has yet to deliver to them.[quote]For the sake of those who haven't yet experienced the exciting plots and twists, please DO NOT post any spoilers of the game's storyline.[/quote]If you want to discuss the story in-depth without spoiling the game for others, please mark the subject of your thread with a "Spoiler Warning/Alert" tag while adding a mention of what is being discussed without spoiling. For example, an appropriate subject line would be "SPOILER ALERT: About the last part of the story."


This way, those who have yet to complete the game can skip right part your thread without being spoiled and angry by and at you, respectively. Failure to continuously not mark your spoiler threads with a spoiler mark or intentionally post spoilers just to be a troll will result in forum bans. If you see a thread that violates these, DO NOT HESITATE to report these threads or to notify me. We will do our best to edit, remove, or do whatever is appropriate to help better keep the peace of the spoilers.


Please respect and help out your fellow Halo community by respecting and helping out those who have yet to uncover the deep secrets of Halo 4. Thank you. :-)


[UPDATE] Recent news has reported that the game has been leaked throughout the series of tubes of the Internet. With the full game out in the open before launch, please be extra cautious not to post leaks that could defiantly spoil the game entirely. Please report any posted leaks imminently to help keep the wait spoiler-free for any forum users.


A word from the wise, please don't grab said leaked game and play it. One; that's stealing. Don't be a pirate. Two; if you're caught, you'll get permabanned from Xbox LIVE.


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