about online...

well, I expect the online portion to be as good if not better than RDR, which was pretty awesome, by the way. is anybody else counting down to the 1st like me? my son is acting like its not important but I think hes just playing it off and hes actually excited for this mode like I am.


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yeah, you are not the only one counting down :P

Yeah me too. I bought GTA V mainly for GTA Online TBH

^ And this is why they made it so the online didn't come out first thing.

They held it off to the 1st of October so everyone at least could "get their feet wet" in Los Santos and learn about the characters. If I went straight into Online without knowing who the characters were beforehand, it would be confusing and I wouldn't be able to get behind the idea of why is person X giving me missions? WTF is he and why is he important?


I'll use Lester for example. If I could just jump straight into Online, I would have not known the story behind him and what he is capable of. "Oh! A guy in a wheelchair giving me missions...". Instead of "Oh! It's Lester! Glad he made it into Online."

Exactly. This is the only thing bad about the gaming community, you spend 60$ on a game and the only thing you care about is the Multiplayer? In the point of view, you just wasted your money. I'm happy that they made it this way, were it comes out October 1st, so people would actually play the game and the story, and get to know it and etc, and not just jump into the multiplayer (Like they always do).

when online for GTA5 comes out will it be free for people who rented the game or are they gone to charge you if did purchase the game

Game company's should learn this holding off on the online for a week or two this was a smart idea by R*.

I didn't mean that I don't  care about single player. After the main story is done, I like to be able to extend the gameplay with multiplayer features. They talked a lot about GTA Online and I expect much from it.

After doing some missions to get gold medals, finding jumps and etc, Online will have more to offer I think. Exploring is fun, but doing it with some friends will be better. That's why I'm doing the story mode so slowly!

Im surprised at how good the story actually is. I was never a fan of the GTA Series but man this is really good. I cant wait for the multiplayer though! X3

but, Donovan, im not only amped about the online only, guy. im way into the single player too. BUT... the online is going to be a different creature and im quite happy about it and the prospects of what may happen during online sessions with other players, ya know? it's not always about starting a debate, Donovan. chill out, ok? try to have a good day at least lol.