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I grew up in the bay area. When I left there that one summer, it was suddenly. I had hiked the creek by my house and the fields and pastures, and one day I found something. I found 50 gallon drums of discarded chemicals suddenly appeared in the creek by the school. The footprints in the mud had left a chemical residue in the mud, but the drout that summer left the ground looking dry. After I found the deer there that had been shot with small arms, I reported it to the school. Only the Janitor was there still, but they got the police involved. In our small town of the bay, It was big news, and it made all the papers. The drug house they busted was right across from a friends, and I think they where the only one I told what had happened before I left. There was really no other choice.

Back then I had the chance to talk to silicon valley design teams, and people from IBM. Young opponions where all part of the system, and so I encourage people to have there own oponion heard and learn from the professionals in the computer community. It may be true that as a long running Pro, I have a unique perspective because of the foundation. But the way community networks have been designed to grow up still meets with the expected design problems of multi-state networks.

Information is at a premium today, and it is difficult to proove it when data is collected on private financeby security, or that they hire the hackers they blame for there own activity when the need comes up. It is a practiced system being exploited in my opponion, inorder to find information on young people. What dose it cost to meet the right kind of person these days? The group of people who have supported this situation blame many causes, but it is how they kept the peace  That is what I know about the old famalies around the valley that they do not want known.

What group of people is trying to extend there old family agreements to try to controll people and make money? It is impossible to know really, unless someone can  figure out who that information was valuable to  beyond the guild contracts a city away. There closed network is designed to controll the data they send out to protect the close guild relationships between tourism, shakespeare festival, and college. The close relationship  with young people there is no secret, but crimes are  covered by the guild contracts with the city, so there swordsmenship costs a premium to ask questions about. Shere is a short answer.


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Ok, I'll say it. Cool Story Bro!