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Is all reusable gear considered UNCOMMON?  Is the higher evolution of gear (lvl 4 or 5) considered rare, or is all reusable gear just uncommon?


As in, will buying Veteran packs get you every reusable gear, or do you have to buy SP/PSP?


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What do you mean by reusable gear.

Some one time use items are rare like level 4's and 5's but as for the reusable gear, I think they are just common. I figure that Veteran packs will give you reusable gears although it would most likely take a long time to get a level 5. I suggest the support pack or premium specter packs.

Reusable gear items would be the bottom right of the equipment screen. They can be used over and over. For instance I am currently using extra shield level 4 which gives me 25% extra shields every round as long as I remember to put in on at the start of my playing. It stays on until you turn the game off.

You mean gear bonus equipment not resuable gear.

Gear is reusable, in that it is not used up after each match like ammo or armour bonuses.

Most of the gear you'll unlock in SPs and PSPs. There are currently 4 uncommon gears like Densified Ammo which can only be unlocked in VPs for whatever reason.

All GEAR is either Uncommon (15 items) or Rare (14 items).  Dont confuse GEAR with Consumables, GEAR is reusable like your weapon mods..

If you log in to BioWare you can see your Manifest which shows all your stuff

Here is mine


Lower Right Corner  Reusable gear, GEAR BONUS..  I keep getting upgrades for these I currently have 21 of them..