About 24/7 Nuketown

Am I the only one who's going to get extremely bored that day? At least put on Firing Range or SOMETHING!



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Why would you be bored of a playlist that you don't have to play?


That's like me saying...."Am I the only one who's going to get extremely bored the day Kung Fu Panda 2 releases?".  I just won't go see it, and will go on with my daily routine.

Never bored of Nuketown 24/7 I went from 7-23 in an hour on it

Yeah... Nuketown 24/7 is amazing! Games like Domination and Sabotage and Search and Destroy... never before today, had I actually been the one to destroy the bomb in Sabotage or be the Hero/Last Man Standing in Search and Destroy (I hate S&D)... but Nuketown is so fun with them.

And with Domination, I can get the Multi-kill Grenade challenge for Warlord Pro easily! Got it at like... level 12 or 13. :D I am not even level 20 and close to Warlord Pro... when I play all the maps, it takes me forever!

Nuketown 24/7 takes the undesirables away from the other playlists :)

gotta love playing 12 man free for all's and beating your friends :D

I love it.  I absolutely LOVE Nuketown. It's just so much fun & even if you're a really pants player like me, you're guaranteed some kills.