Aba Daba Honeymoon glitch.....

*Minor Side Quest spoilers*




So I'm on the part of Aba Daba Honeymoon where you have to take drugs to Motor Runner.I'm already friends with the Vault 3 fiends,but I had faked Motor Runner's death for the NCR and now it won't let me talk to him.It just makes him do a dialogue like all the other unimportant NPC's and this was my first time doing this quest.....


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Try talking again with the fiend that received you in the door... something like that happened with me in the mission where i need find the rads suit in a cave. I talked with the man in Nipton and he doesn't reveal the cave ; idk if is because completed the booted mission or because the power gangers hate me. I had  to found it by myself. I guess the same will happens to you.

^^^ I had the same problem with that too. When you try to talk to that powder ganger about the hidden supplies, he doesn't give any dialogue about it. So are the suits in the supply cave next to Nipton?

Yeah once you fake Motor-Runners death, there is no more dialgoue between you or him at all, but it does have a bearing on the ending. If you feel like killing him there is no bearing on the rest of quest.




As far as Boxcars the quest regarding the supplies becomes glitched if you go in the Supply Cave before meeting up with Logan in Camp Searchlight and only way to complete the quest is to kill Logan and take keys, complete the rest of broken quest in Searchlight by yourself.

I am trying to complete the quest Aba Daba Honeymoon, where you teach Jack how to make chems and you have to deliver drugs to Motor Runner. I am with Motor Runner now and the game won't let me give him the drugs. No dialogue happens except for random lines from him. Am I screwed here? Can I kill someone in order to complete the quest? I already tried to kill Motor Runner and obviously the quest failed cause the drugs weren't delivered.