So frustrated!! Gettin pwnt in sen's controller is old and randomly pushes in one direction or another which is instant DEATH on the catwalks there....finally made it almost to the top....turn head to light cig.....dead.....fall down on a previous run to the bottom there's one of those headless lead looking things and movement is restricted....dead......try londo's place........forgot about the curse things that let you fight ghosts....dead back...see shiny off in the towards it!! Dead....
Come back again......kill a bunch of ghosts....come to medium sized room w/ ghost at end (obviously trap) in....3000 ghosts attack meh. Dead. Goin back to forest place to farm the 6k souls for about a week till i'm lvl 100 and then i'lll go back...thanks for reading...needed to vent....also my comma button doesn't work!! Dead.


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lol so you died a bit then welcome to the club.

OK so like am I the only one stuck on level one?  WTF is wrong with me?  I am from the Nintendo age this should be cake!

^^ I was stuck on Undead Burg for a while also. You'll get used to where the enemies are and it'll make it easier.


To OP keep at it in Sen's Fortress. Once you pass that and get to Anor Londo, you'll be happy. Lightning Weapons!! Also, in Sen's don't forget to summon the NPC if you are human and don't see anyone's signs. If you look straight at the boss fog, walk to the right and cross a small bridge and the sign is to the left in the room.

Fuzzy, don't stress about Sen's Fortress.  You can do it bro, we have faith in you.

P.S.  If you hate Sen's Fortress wait until you get to the INVISIBLE WALKWAYS in the Crystal Caves, or the pitch black walkways in the Tomb of the Giants.  /facepalm   TotG made me want to rage quit so many times.

Also, I would DEFINITELY finish up Sen's Fortress and head off to Anor Londo to kill Smough and Ornstein before you try to tackle New Londo Ruins and those ghosts.  It only gets worse after you drain the water and have to contend with Soul Masses, Dark Wraiths, floating head bomb thingies and the Four Kings boss fight (which is a joke because you generally have to fight five or six of them.  LoL)