AA 12

Most underused weapon. Dose anyone at least try to use it or do you hate all the hitmarkers the gun gives.


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I havent used the AA-12 since mw2

I haven't used it in MW3. I hated it in MW2 though. Played a few games the other night where a person on the other team was doing pretty good with it but if I use it it is nothing but hitmarkers.

ive done pretty good with it, but it for sure doesnt have the range it had in MW2. plus, the stryker still seems to be the go-to shotty.

It's need more range but I would say it's my favorite shotgun. I loved it on MW2 it was about the only secondary I used besides the Stinger.

I loved this gun in MW2, before they screwed it up with proficencies. I've given it a go towards the end of this prestige. You pretty much have to be within knife range of someone to get a OHK. I've gotten some nice triples with it catching people off guard, but you do get tons of hitmarkers with it. It's great fun on Arkaden and Seatown, and I also had probably my best match with it on Downturn, surprisingly. I play Dom. 95% of the time.

The AA-12 is tons of fun.  You just really have to adjust your gameply.  Youve got to try and ambush people or groups of people for it to be effective.  Carry and mp9 as a secondary and get comfortable using it.  Once I unlocked range and extended mags, the AA-12 got noticeably better, but you still have to limit your encounters to short range only.

I have it gold but only run it with Overkill Pro and something like a P90 rapid fire. It's good on maps like Mission, I had a multi on the ramp with it the other day.

It's pretty terrible. I can't stand to use it.

Loved it in MW2 w/extended mags but as said, the lack of range is almost offensive.  Checked it out early on in customs with a buddy and someone literally 15-20 feet away doesn't even register so I haven't touched it much outside of picking one up a few times.  But yeah, as 666 was saying, I could see it being affective on Mission in the middle and some other, choice, CQ envitronments, but to roll with it as your primary with no overkill is ballsy to say the least.