A YouTube series I'm starting

Hey, you might not know me, but I'm starting a YouTube series called 1v1 Interviews, in which I ask you a series of questions while facing you in a game of 1v1. If you're interested, message me.

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Jag will probably do it, but you wouldnt want that on your YT, just saying. He'd "out" debate you and pawn you.

What kind of questions?  LOL.

I might be interested depending on what kind of questions.

A 1 on 1 game wouldnt be a guarantee though

Get that kanyuaia bore on these forums and continually ask him why he is such a limp wristed suck up whilst teabagging him.

I'll subscribe for that :)

Mostly they're questions about your opinions on different games

Pawn me?

[quote user="IxAMxSNIPERFROG"]

What kind of questions?  LOL.

[/quote]"How many partners have you had in the past 6 months?"

"Are you willing to sell me your left kidney?"

Pawn me? Equals beating you 30-0.

1v1 me in AE or 3rd Strike. PLS. =D