A world that has it all

I have been living in a world where I've found:


Mushroom Biome



End Portal


Nether Fortress


I'll post the seed later on after I mark coordinates for each location.
Or shall I post the seed now and leave the finding to you ?


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What about swamp, snow, and desert biomes?

I have to say, I'm not overly impressed with the description of your mysterious seed.  With the exception of the Mushroom Biome (which I've never found any real use for), 99% of all seeds have what you list.  It is what you didn't list that I find troubling about the seed.


- Without a swamp, you have no vines or lily pads and clay is harder to find


- Without a snow biome, you have no snow blocks and spruce trees


- Without a desert biome, you have no cactus (so no green wool for you) and you have limited sand, sandstone and glass (unless you build a sand generator)


- Without an ocean biome, you're probably not able to build large underwater structures and it's more difficult to find clay




Without a snow biome, you don't get snow goblins either.

Does it have a fully functioning multiplayer rail system?

"What about swamp, snow, and desert biomes?" Am living in giant swamp biome thats 10 blocks above the stronghold. World also has snow, is where I found pack of wolves. And 2 desert biomes the one nearest the swamp is beautiful m8. Huge ocean biome surrounding mushroom biome island. Big underwater ravine in ocean aswell. Am also tired of seeing too many clay deposits around the swamp.

seeds for worlds like this have been posted on this forum before ... Look for them.