A Unified Console

I am sure this idea has been tossed around many times, but why has it been rejected? Besides the outrageous pride and greed of big name corporations like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, this would bring nothing but good to the gaming community. A single console. The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, all brought together in a single package. This idea may be necessary for the actual video game industry to thrive. I'll break it down:


Part 1: The Console

Obviously the console would basically be a PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii combined. It should be packaged with a fully functional Blu-ray drive, the same processing power as the PS3, the built in Wi-Fi, and everything else built into the top notch consoles. How would this help anybody? Well for the consumer it is obvious, how many of us are segregated between our friends, being unable to play with many of them, because they own a different console? Should you have to pay another $300 just to play the same game you were playing on a different console? It would connect everybody in the world together who plays console games under one united roof, breaking the barrier between them, and ending all the unnecessary console wars. It would also help the manufacturers. The Wii would not have been left behind in the move into HD gaming, the Wii2 (or whatever it will be called) would not be rushed onto store shelves within the next year or so in order to keep up with the competition, the Xbox would have the Blu-ray it would very much benefit from, and the consoles would generally be built better under the united roof because they would not have to be rushed out to fit consumer demands and to beat out the competition in sales. Revenue with the console could easily be divided 1/3 profit to each company, guaranteeing a revenue to everybody and allowing more production money to make better games.

Part 2: The Controller

This is barely even an issue, as the PS3 and Xbox 360 controller have the same number of buttons but different layouts, each user could use whatever controller fit his preference. Obviously, the Xbox 360 controller would need the added six-axis that is standard on PS3 controllers. The Wii and the Move controllers are basically the same and would be easily combined. The controllers would only need to be swapped depending on the game played. The controller you chose to buy would be one of the ways each company get's their own money (buying an Xbox controller would give straight profit to Microsoft for example). Peripherals would be created by each company and revenue for them (light gun, Kinect, Balance Board, etc) would be given to the company that created it.

Part 3: The Games

To start, the games themselves would be of much higher quality. How many multi-platform games are plagued with bugs and glitches on a certain system? Fallout: New Vegas was glitchy in general, but it is well known that it was even worse on the PS3. Black Ops had major frame rate issues on the PS3, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion had game ending bugs on the PS3. There were many more problems with many other games, these I just know off the top of my head. These bugs, glitches, and overall quality of games would easily increase if developers were able to concentrate on one console, instead of having to port it over to others. Exclusive games (Like Halo, or Killzone) would still be exclusive to the company, and all revenue from that game sold would go straight there. Most of the competition between companies would be between games instead of consoles, causing a major upgrade in game quality and a major revenue increase to each company (who here can't say they never wished Xbox 360 had God of War or Uncharted?) and would cause a much more widespread appeal with games and consumers would be much better off.

Part 4: The Online

The Online would be one of the biggest problems, but it could be easily done with the power of all the companies. You would now be able to play games with all your friends, and wouldn't be stuck picking sides with what console you would buy to play with them. The servers would have to be upgraded to deal with everybody on them, but a single unified server would also keep the strength up and could also prevent events like the recent PSN fiasco. With all the companies working to keep the network up, I am sure the security would also be top notch. Having a pay for online would be a must, as it helps keeps the companies going and keeping things up to date.

Part 5: The Third Party Companies

Many Third Party Companies have tried and failed to succeed in the gaming industry, especially on the Wii. If the third party companies could attempt to stay on board one console, instead of being required to go multi-platform in hopes of making profits, they may be able to increase the quality and increase their own personal revenue, promising future good titles on the console, and we may see many more interesting and innovative things.

Part 6: The Money

This idea would instantly cause a cheaper outlook on games. One single console, instead of owning all three to get the full experience. The console makers would still be making loads of money, because the consoles will still sell like fire (maybe even more so). But with all the games coming out for a single console, consumers may also buy more games, because more options will be available, games will be of higher quality, and they won't miss out on exclusive titles. Consumers always buy peripherals and other gear, so companies would still be reeling in money.

I think this is what the industry needs in order to take a giant step forward and become what us gamers truly expect it to be. Any thoughts/comments/concerns/questions would be great!



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Splitting the sale for each game 3 ways?  Either that or making it 3 times as expensive.  I don't know.

I think this is what the industry needs in order to take a giant step forward

No, it would be a step backward.

How would it go backwards? And not the games, the console itself.

I'm talking fanicaly for a business.  They would loose money for stop selling a major product. ( stalls until mako maruder can show up and explain it better) I like the idea but it won't happen.

Do you not know what competition is? This wouldn't even be allowed because it would cause a monopoly.

Competition would still be among the games themselves, the current competition is what is making the crap. A new Wii so soon would be unnecessary and Xbox 360s are made out of the crappiest material they can find (I am currently awaiting my 5th Xbox 360). All three business would still have the financial support because millions of consoles still sell, online would be payed for, and games still rack in more money than consoles.

Wow what a terrible idea. If I were owner of a company and other companies that werent doing as good as mine wanted to merge and split profits? HELL NO. Splitting profits on the exact same hardware is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. Yuo realize the online service would skyrocket to maybe 30$ a month? And it not even be that great because the companies cant afford to support that many gamers at a time? Please reference the month of April for PSN only much worse. Quit saying "greed of (fillinblank)" its not greedy when a company makes money.

Shocker i could barely understand what you said. From what I could tell, there is no reason the price would sky rocket to $30 a month, and I never said they are greedy for making money, the greed causes the consumers to suffer. there is a difference between making profits because you earned it and making profits because somebody has went through five of your crappy products.

This whole idea is completely ridiculous. These companies participate in espionage to try and discover what each is doing on a daily basis. They compete for a market and try to dominate. It is impossible to even consider them 'working together' on some kind of 'super console'.

That idea is okay... but you inspired an interesting concept I heard back in the day.. People on PSN playing competitive or Co-op  with players on XBL

It would help keep some of those online games out there alive longer if they could do it that way

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