A speed test option?

You know what would be nice to see in options would be a speedtest section, where you can actually see how your server and supplier hand shake with your xbox, wired and via wifi, why? Because it might help with your choices of connection and also supplier, most internet suppliers now realise the importance of gaming and some eg plusnet in the UK, dedicate and guarantee a faultless service for gamers, but yet again they would say this, so a true speed test would be nice to see via your xbox settings and give you a true reading, also stops people saying on multiplayer games you got a crap connection! 


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The Xbox One has this option in the settings so I figure your talking about the 360 and I doubt they are going to ad anything to it at this point.

You can use the Internet Explorer app and get a lame mobil speed test if you want.

I'd say that much like ISPs, Microsoft would be happy to fiddle with the results for their own benefit.

Speed tests are generally a waste of time, there are far to many variables to accurately gauge your connection speed regularly, if you are not having problems why worry about your speed...