A simple question.

Hello, i was playing search and destroy just before and i came across one 15th prestige, so i had a look at his combat record to see what his ratio was ect ect, and i realised that his prestige emblem was a green fuzzy box. And in his bio, he has 'Treyarch dont reset me i joint a random game'. To be fair, i have the feeling he has done the 15th prestige hack, am i aloud to contact a moderator so something can be done? because it really isnt fair on people who have actually worked to get to 15th and lazy people like that just want to cheat. Thanks


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Report that player.

That person's well-being doesn't concern you.

it does concern me because he is a hacker.

Then just report him.

A simple answer: Report him.

Report him!!!

A simple answer: File Complaint.

i came across a stupid post once...then i flammed it

LOL "Dont reset me, I joined a random game...and stayed until I was 15th prestige"