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An odd story relevant to gaming & I feel the need to express it:

  One day I went to Hollywood video to rent a game for my new XBOX360. Noticed "Call of Duty 3" on the shelf. I thought to myself (weird I didn't know they made a third).. This was right after I got XBL aswell- HOLY SHXT!! I remember how magical and expansive each game session felt! 

Since then I have been waiting for another console experience that can match that same level of mysticism~  What must we do to have magical games again??


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first time you try it it will be more enjoyable seeing as its new and you most likely havnt played something like it before.

The thing about it is.. I've played many other games that were similar. COD3 just has a certain unique spark. 

  Strange how I went into trying the game not knowing how it would be & I was delightfully surprised

When now-a-days I scan the content of what games provide and wonder wheres the magic ~

My last magical game experience was enslaved and before that Halo Reach. I think Deus Ex, GOW3 and Skyrim will be the next ones

Ya, GOW3 is looking real nice..  Hope it turns out to be very excellent

[quote user="Tatakai no Kami"]

I think Deus Ex, GOW3 and Skyrim will be the next ones

[/quote]Replace GOW3 with Dead Island and I agree completely.


Wow the word magical was used a lot lol


Id have to say the last game that got me so enthralled and leaving me wanting more, was Oblivion. I know the next game that will have me like that at its mercy, will be Skyrim for sure. Roll on November 11th.