A rather funny moment

So yesterday when I was aboard the dead Reaper, I rushed into the final room and fired the Cain into the Reaper core without taking down the Husks in front of it. When the cutscene triggered immediately after, one Husk was still alive...and swatting at Shepard while she talked about Legion. She kept getting knocked off balance during the coversation, and the Husk kept swatting and grunting. I've never laughed so hard at a game.


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Seen it happen a number of times myself, but it never stops being funny.

Wow, I do the Cain thing but never had that happen. That funny. If you want something similar if you bring garrus the first you see Anderson in me 2. He will run around the room randomly. when you start talking to Anderson.

I'm curious to see if it could be easily replicated. It would make a hilarious video...Shep's got no time for Husks!

I'll be sure to be armed with the Cain on this playthrough, gotta check that one out...:-)