A Random Looking for Other Randoms. :P

Hi there! I'm Kitty, 22, catgirl.

I've come to realize most of the people on my friends list are either boring, inactive, or just not interested in the same games anymore.

A little about me? Okay. First off, my voice either annoys you or you don't mind it. If you would like to know before you add me, just pass me a message and I'll let you hear it. I don't play games ALL the time. And hardly ever on weekends. I'm usually out shopping, traveling, or hanging out with friends. I'm a shooter girl. I have my very bad games and my very good games, never in between. So, if you're a very competitive player, scoot along! :D I don't talk much unless the conversation interests me or if I'm starting a conversation. I hate having conversations in game unless I'm doing so bad, I just gave up. I usually try to do call outs and other stuff (Call of Duty.) I do have an attitude when provoked and I cuss like a bad cat. If that's a problem, scoot along! I enjoy laughing and making others laugh. I can act like a ditz.

I mainly play the Call of Duty's. MW2, MW2, Blops 1, Blops 2, and Ghosts. But, I also dabble in a bit of Diablo 3, Dead Island, Resident Evil 5 and ORC, Defiance, and Borderlands.

If you're interested in being my new play mate, just post here or send me a message/friend request on the Xbox 360.


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Have pm'd you.