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Hey all

I got the game last week and played for about 15 hours before I had to pack my apartment and move. Im hoping to delve back in this weekend with a new character.  Can anyone give me any build advice? I played as one hand destructive magic and the other an axe/sword. I got to level 10 or so and concentrated my perks to those two areas.  However, I got my butt kicked. A LOT.  It was still fun of course, I just dont want to die every 10 minutes when I come to a harder enemy.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  I usually play these games in a warrior class, but the prospect of magic in one hand was just so compelling...



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Use a shield at first and just switch between magic and your weapon at first..  then once you start getting stronger you can start dual wielding weapons and magic..

i started as a dark elf/mage but due to getting slaughtered all the time i started building my one handed. i concentrate primarily on smithing/marksman/destruction and one handed and at level 14, i can pretty much hold my own as long as im not severely outnumbered.

Get a follower and let them take all the attention and damage until you can handle it.

Thanks. I gotta get used to the 'Favorites' section as well.  

turn off the difficulty. Not like it gives u extra Xp of anything.

Yeah if your having issues, ajust the difficulty. I havent switched mine from whatever the default is, but when I played through Fallout 3 it was a big help.

That is a solid build, but you need to know when to do what. Once you get some longer ranged Destruction Spell, like Lightning Bolt or Ice Spike, it's a lot easier. Start with Destruction in one hand and healing in the other. Once your enemies close the distance, switch Destruction with a Sword. Keep your health high, and whack away with your sword. This helped me until I got my magic and magic regen high enough to be a full mage.

Khajit Stealth Archer...Sooooo much fun.  That's what I like at least.  My advice would be only adding perks to your main two strengths in the first twenty levels.  For me it was archery and sneak.  I'm like a mixture of sam fisher and robin hood, only I'm furry too.  

You can do as I do, use a lesser ward or better for defense against magic users and a good shield against weapon wielders. Also, a mix of armor that has magic resistance to compliment its normal defense is good. And more so here than other RPGs Ive played, be prepared. Dont go out without healing items even if you know restoration spells.

Remember that you can buy cheap health potions at general stores as well as Alchemy shops. Building up your supply of healing potions and saving them in favorites is a good way to quickly heal.